Fermented Garlic Mānuka Honey - byNUBU

Fermented Garlic Mānuka Honey

Yet another, more unique way to incorporate NUBU Hemp Extract CBD Infused Mānuka Honey into your every day. Try it in salad dressings or as marinades, drizzled over cheese on a platter board or take the sweetened cloves when feeling a cold coming on for an extra immune boost!

Fermented Garlic Mānuka Honey

10-12 servings per recipe - 10mg Hemp Extract CBD per Serve 


  • Small mason jar or similar


In a small jar add the slightly crushed and peeled garlic cloves and cover with NUBU Hemp Extract CBD Infused Mānuka Honey. Leave to sit at room temp for about a week to allow for the fermentation process to begin - you will start to see small bubbles appear and the honey's viscosity will become lower and more runny. Enjoy any time between that first week and a month then store in the fridge if planning to use longer, but do note that some of the benefits in NUBU Hemp Extract CBD Infused Mānuka Honey will fade once cooled below 10C however the flavour will still be deliciously sweet and garlicky! A few pinches of chilli flakes can also be added to give your fermented garlic honey a bit of a kick!

*Crushing the garlic allows the naturally occurring allicins to be released which aids in fast tracking the fermentation process.