Mānuka Honey Texture and Consistency - byNUBU

Mānuka Honey Texture and Consistency

If you’re new to using Mānuka Honey, you might notice that there is a big difference in the texture and consistency compared to what is usually found on the shelves at your local grocery store. This is due to a few factors, but more specifically because Mānuka Honey is a raw honey.

When the Mānuka honey is collected from hives, there will always be residual waxes and pollens, which is filtered off once it’s been gently heated to lower its viscosity for filling. Some light whipping is applied to create a creamier texture, and that’s basically it. There is very little processing applied to the honey, hence a thicker, darker, grainier, or crystalized texture.

Storage is also important, keeping NUBU Hemp Extract CBD infused Mānuka Honey between 10-20C will ensure its consistency is easy to use. If storage is too warm, or above 20C, the consistency will be thinner, but also risk the actives (DHA, MGO) degrading especially if temperatures hit closer to 37C. If storage is too cool, or under 10C then the honey will begin to solidify and make it harder to add to cooking or use in general, if this does happen warming up the jar in a bath of warm water is a good way to bring it back to its ideal consistency. Keep it away from intense heat like a microwave or stovetop.